Her love of hair started at a young age when first learning to French braid and she has been playing with hair ever since. With a Paul Mitchell background, Chelsea has always sought after specific education offerings in her career. Always remaining in a learning state, she studies current hair trends carefully. For Chelsea it is important to know how to recreate the looks that her clients desire, that is why she attends education offerings from the exact stylists who are pioneering their way in the hair industry.  Training paired with creativity is what she believes has molded her well refined skill. With ten years of experience she has made craft hair dressing her own. 

Each head of hair is different and Chelsea approaches every service with that in mind. She is honest and intentional about breaking down the process expected and always achieves the two most important goals, to give the clients what they desire and to keep the integrity of the hair. 




Shena Broyles has been a licensed stylist since 2015. She has assisted many great hairdressers and completed her apprenticeship under Chelsea in 2017. She quickly became one of the most desired hairstylists in East Texas.

Her passion for all things hair is something fierce. In her spare time she can be found scouring the social media world for new trends, techniques, and products. She is constantly sharing her findings with fellow stylists and that is something we love to celebrate about her. Shena specializes in extensions, blondes, and creative colors. Her goal as a stylist is to always provide exactly what her clients ask for while keeping the health of their hair a priority. She takes pride in being able identify special features about a client and then guide them to hairstyle that is unique to them.



ALLIE STRANGE |  Stylist + Front Desk



GRACE JAMES  |  Stylist